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Founded in 2022 in New York City, YSCOGI aims to create boundless, classless, and timeless fashion in a vocabulary that combines the past and the present. The gray area that exists between right and wrong, black and white, high and low is a theme the brand constantly explores throughout collections. To us, it is where meanings emerge, and true characters are brought to life.

Through high attention to details, clean cut, and carefully selected materials, we are dedicated to combine a young and playful spirit to the traditional tailored outfits while promising function and comfort.
At YSCOGI, we value the constant interaction between high fashion and street style, and we believe in a fashion system in which classification of clothing is considered null.

Established by Yicheng Yu, YSCOGI embarked on its journey with its Fall Winter 2022 collection as a menswear brand with Yicheng Yu as Creative Director. In 2023, the team was joined by Visual Director Zhiyuan Ji, and Womenswear Creative Director Shuyi Yao.

In 2023, YSCOGI will be presenting its Spring Summer Collection with combined efforts and enlarged perspectives, it is without compromise that all future collections will be delivered with loyalty to our core values, and in response to the global environment.

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